Creating and Editing Macro Files


To create a new macro file, select Macros, New Macro File from the Tools pull-down menu. An editor will start with an empty file. To edit an existing macro file, select Macros, Open Macro File from the Tools pull-down menu. Choose the appropriate drive, directory, and filename in dialog box, and an editor will open with the specified file.




A macro file is an ASCII text file created with any word processor or text editor. List each macro definition on a separate line in the macro file, just as you would on the DADiSP command line, except that you do not need to include the #define string at the beginning of each definition. A simple line in a macro text file might look like:




Files can be any size, and may contain ad-hoc comments following an exclamation mark ("!") anywhere on a line. Blank lines are ignored. Precedence rules for macros read from files follow those for macros loaded with Worksheets, i.e., macros read from a file overwrite existing macros having the same name.