Chapter Two:

SPL: DADiSP's Series Processing Language


SPL, Series Processing Language, is a compact language designed specifically for manipulating data and performing actions within the DADiSP Worksheet environment. SPL routines, or user defined functions, are created by combining built-in DADiSP functions and/or other SPL routines. SPL is very reminiscent of C/C++, featuring C/C++ like statement processing, control flow, variable manipulation and user defined functions. In fact, SPL can be considered one of the contemporary C family languages that includes C/C++, Java, and C#.


The precise language definition, scope and syntax of SPL - statements, variables, series and arrays, parameter passing, comments, flow control via conditional, iterative, labeled and jump statements is discussed in Appendix A of this manual.


This chapter describes the basic techniques that the SPL developer will need to use SPL in the DADiSP environment including information on SPL:


   ·   Variables

   ·   Operators

   ·   Statements and Blocks

   ·   Hot Variables

   ·   Macro Preprocessor

   ·   Functions