Assigning Window Formulae


The := operator can also assign a formula to a Window. For example:


W1 := gnorm(1000,1)

W2 := integ(w1)


Assigns and evaluates the formulae for Window 1 and Window 2.


Use ()s to group multiple statements for a Window or hot variable assignment in an SPL routine. For example:




    W1 := (integ(gnorm(100,1));label("Test Data"));



The setw1() routine assigns the formula:


integ(gnorm(100,1));label("Test Data")


to Window 1 just as if the formula was entered from the command line.


The : and := operators are interchangeable for Window assignments. For example, the statements:


W2 := gnorm(1000,1)

W2 : gnorm(1000,1)


are equivalent.