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DADiSP / UFF 4.1

UFF File Format

Univeral File Format

The Universal File Format (UFF) was originally developed by the Structural Dynamics Research Corporation (SDRC) in the late 1960s and early 1970s to facilitate data transfer between computer aided design (CAD) and computer aided test (CAT) in order to facilitate computer aided engineering (CAE).

A UFF file consists of multiple formats where each format is specified as 80 character (FORTRAN card image) ASCII records of space delimited fields that occur in a specific order according to each UFF format.

Multiple sets of data can be stored within a single UFF file. The start of each set of data is indicated by a "-1", right justified, in columns 1-6. The next line indicates the Universal Dataset Number/Type. Each type has a different format of header information and data provided. The end of each set of data is indicated by a "-1", right justified in columns 1-6.

UFF Type 58

The most commonly used format is UFF Type 58 or "Function at Nodal DOF". UFF Type 58 is specifically designed for dynamic test data and is fully supported by DADiSP/UFF. DADiSP/UFF also supports the binary UFF Type 58b format that allows data to be stored in a more efficient binary form.

UFF Import Interface

UFF Import

DADiSP/UFF directly imports UFF Type 58 or Type 58b data files and automatically sets sample rate, offset and engineering unit information for each channel. Multiple data runs are saved in separate DADiSP datasets. The imported channels can be loaded into separate Windows or combined into a single Window for display.

UFF Export Interface

UFF Export Series

DADiSP/UFF allows one or more DADiSP series to be saved to ASCII Type 58 or Binary Type 58b formats. New series can be appended to existing UFF files.

UFF Data Formats

Type 58 or Type 58b regularly sampled and XY data can be imported or exported. Both real or complex data values are supported in single or double precision UFF format.

Simple Menu Interface

DADiSP/UFF runs from the DADiSP worksheet and is accessed by a press of a button. The UFF user interface optionally displays important file information and automatically formats UFF channel names into appropriate DADiSP series names.

Full Analysis System

DADiSP provides a complete analysis, display, and processing environment using UFF data. The integration of DADiSP/UFF into DADiSP makes it easy to automate data import and analysis applications through SPL (Series Processing Language), macros, and command files.


DADiSP/UFF requires DADiSP 6.5 B05 or higher. Contact us for information about updating your current version of DADiSP.

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