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Vibration and Shock Test & Control Techniques

Course 194 - Three-day Course

Audience: Engineering or technical personnel involved in specifying, tailoring (e.g. MIL-STD-810E) and performing state-of-the-art random vibration and shock tests; those who obtain/ analyze/review field and laboratory test data; and those who design/certify hardware/structures/instrumentation to meet dynamic environmental requirements. Members of the automotive, aerospace, aircraft, shipboard and weapons technical communities will benefit.

Course Description: The course is an overview of vibration- testing technology with emphasis on the practical everyday problems that are encountered in testing laboratories. Emphasis is placed on the basic principles of vibration hardware, control systems, and analysis techniques used for random, sine, and shock testing. Complex mathematical concepts are reduced to graphic form for intuitive understanding. Illustrative examples from the "real world" are used throughout.


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