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"If you can't do it with DADiSP, it can't be done."

- Jim Pierson, President Pierson Associates
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DADiSP as a Teaching Tool

DADiSP is a primary tool in demonstrating data acquisition, analysis, and signal processing principles in a series of courses developed and presented by Strether Smith of the Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Center for the Tustin Technical Institute, in Santa Barbara, California, USA. DADiSP is used to demonstrate aliasing concepts, filtering, spectral analysis, and to perform a variety of other data analysis tasks. DADiSP capabilities in data acquisition, Fourier Transforms, digital filtering, time series analysis, spectral analysis, and power spectral density, combined with its ease of use make it a perfect tool for training both beginner and advanced engineers.

Course 196, "Digital Data Acquisition," discusses the hardware and software issues that are involved in making good data measurements. Course 197, "Digital Signal Processing and Data Analysis," presents procedures for time-and spectral-domain data analysis. Course 194, "Vibration and Shock Test Control Techniques," discusses the practical aspects of using the topics discussed in the first two courses in a structural-dynamic-testing laboratory environment.

All of the courses minimize the use of mathematics in the development of methods and concepts. The graphical features of DADiSP enable presentation of complex concepts in a manner that is easily understood. As an additional demonstration aid, students are encouraged to bring "interesting" data sets to class for analysis and discussion. DADiSP's straightforward data import tools make it easy to display and analyze the contributed data, all with little computer training and programming.

Contributed data sets are used to demonstrate/discuss what good, robust data should look like. DADiSP is used to check for evidence of aliasing and other forms of data corruption and to demonstrate analysis techniques that aid in understanding the character of the data.

Course descriptions and outlines:

Information on these and other courses presented by the Tustin Technical Institute may be found by visiting TTI's web site: http://ttiedu.com, by emailing training@ttiedu.com or by calling (805) 682-7171.