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Stats Functions

DADiSP/Stats includes several functions that encompass a wide variety statistical processing and analysis.

Descriptive Statistics

max Sample maximum
min Sample minimum
mean Sample average value
median Sample median value
sersize Sample size
stderr Sample standard error
stdev Sample standard deviation
var Sample variance

Graphical Statistics

boxplot Box plot of minimum, maximum, minimum error and maximum error
comboplot Combined plot of sample mean, median and variance
errorplot Error bar plot
hist N bin histogram
meanplot Plot of sample means
medianplot Plot of sample medians
polygraph Polynomial fit plot
rchart Statictical quality control range chart
varplot Plot of sample variances
xchart Statictical quality control mean chart
xrchart Combined statictical quality control mean and range chart
xyplot Scatter plot

Probability and Hypothesis Tests

chimultsum Chi square goodness of fit for 2xN matrix
chitestsum Chi square goodness of fit for 2x2 matrix
comp2sum Two series pooled variance T test
compnoeqsum Two series separate variance T test
ftestsum F Ratio test
ttestsum One tailed T test vs mean
ttest2sum Two tailed T test vs mean


mrcoefs Compute multiple regression coefficients
mrgraph Plot multiple regression results
mulregsum Multiple regression computatiuon and summary
polyfit Linear and polynomial regression


anova Analysis of Variance summary
correlatesum cross correlation summary

Probability Density Functions

chisum Chi square probability
fprobsum F probability
normsum Normal (Gaussian) probability
tprobsum T probability

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