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New Shock Response Spectrum Module

Press Release

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DSP Development Corporation Announces New SRS Module

Easy to use Shock Response Spectrum Module offers multiple industry accepted processing algorithms.

Newton, MA June 1, 2005
DSP Development Corporation is pleased to announce the release of DADiSP/SRS (Shock Response Spectrum), an add-on module to the popular engineering spreadsheet package, DADiSP. DADiSP/SRS is a menu driven module designed for the analysis of the Shock Response Spectrum.

Shock Response Spectrum Analysis is a useful tool in minimizing the potential damage to a component due to shock. This analysis is employed in industries such as Aerospace Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Department of Defense and Ordnance Evaluation.

Given acceleration time history data, the SRS module allows the user to choose the method, such as Smallwood, Bilinear Transform or Impulse Invariant, in which the corresponding shock response spectrum is calculated. Other options include Linear, Fractional (1/N) or Whole Octave natural frequency spacing and Damping Ratio/Q Factor.

The DADiSP/SRS Module is available for use with DADiSP/2002 operating under Windows 9x, 2000, NT and XP systems. It can be purchased directly from DSP Development Corporation for $495.00 and is currently available for general release.

Founded in 1984, DSP Development Corporation creates and markets graphical data analysis, acquisition, and scientific visualization software for scientists and engineers in diverse technical fields, such as automation, data acquisition, real-time process control, image processing, digital signal processing, computer-aided engineering, and computer-aided testing.


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