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"A jewel, a fully responsive package that meets the needs of the Test & Evaluation world."

- Mike Alamo, Ordnance Evaluation

DADiSP 6.7 B02 Release Notes

B02 Release - January 17, 2017

DADiSP 6.7 B02 is an update of DADiSP 6.7 B01.

A free DADiSP 6.7 update is available for all authorized DADiSP 6.7 B01 products under Gold or Standard support.

If your version of DADiSP is 6.5 or less (DADiSP/2002 or prior), please contact us about upgrading to DADiSP 6.7.

Build 02 Specific Changes

Below is a list of changes and improvements specific to DADiSP 6.7 B02:

New Features and Functions

Windows 10 Support

Windows 10 is fully supported. The folder and temporary file layout conform to Windows 10 security protocols.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Custom KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS are supported by assigning SPL functions or macros to various keyboard keys.

Magnify Button

The Magnify toolbar button displays a right click menu to configure the zoom mode (unconstrained, horizontal or vertical). Undo/Redo magnify is also supported.

Expanded TeX Support

The TeX equation formatting facility has been further extended to provide extensive math and symbol annotations.


  1. EXPM1 accurately computes exp(x)-1 for very small x.
  2. LOG1P accurately computes log(1+x) for very small x.


  1. GRANDBINOMIAL generates a binomial distributed random series.
  2. GRANDGAMMA generates a gamma distributed random series.
  3. GRANDPOISSON generates a Poisson distributed random series.


  1. FILEPARTS returns the directory, filename and extension of a path string.
  2. PRINTWSFILE prints a Worksheet to a file.
  3. PRINTWSFILEFIRST prints multiple Worksheets to sequentially numbered files.
  4. PRINTWSFILENEXT prints multiple Worksheets to sequentially numbered files.

Improvements and Changes

  1. STRSORT performs natural sorting order for strings with embedded digits.
  2. CREATEOBJECT accepts license strings and manifest files for registration free COM controls.
  3. PDCHIST supports user defined right click menu options.
  4. TOOLBAR supports GIF, JPEG and PNG files for user defined bitmap buttons.
  5. TEXT and LEGEND support horizontal text.
  6. Text and shape objects support multiple callback functions.
  7. GAMMA and GAMMALN use high precision algorithms.
  8. BETAINC and BETAINCINV use high precision algorithms.
  9. GAMMAINC and GAMMAINCINV use high precision algorithms.
  10. RUN and SHELLEXECUTE support background processing of external programs.
  11. MAGNIFY supports horizontal and vertical magnify modes and mouse click callback functions.
  12. OVERPLOT and OVERPLOTWIN support a rescale parameter to control plot scaling.
  13. READT_DATE_DELIMITER configuration parameter specifies the default date delimiter for READTABLE


  1. Command Line Flags -s=splname and -x=splname process properly.
  2. Data cursors respect individual X values for multi-column plots.
  3. An empty RETURN() statement does not alter the value of an assigned variable.
  4. W4..W5 Window ranges work correctly when the range spans two Windows.
  5. Pressing the Enter key on an editable dialog box field processes the same as pressing the OK button.
  6. ISINF handles NaN values properly.

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