"A jewel, a fully responsive package that meets the needs of the Test & Evaluation world."

- Mike Alamo, Ordnance Evaluation

DADiSP 6.5 Release Notes

DADiSP 6.5 B05 - Released December 26, 2012

A free DADiSP 6.5 upgrade is available for all authorized DADiSP 6.0 B18 (also called DADiSP/2002 B18) products under Gold support.

DADiSP 6.0 B18 products under Standard support are eligible to upgrade at a discounted fee.

If your current build of DADiSP 6.0 is less than B18 or if your major version number of DADiSP is less than 6.0 (prior to DADiSP/2002), please contact us about updating to DADiSP 6.5.

Changes, New Features and Functions

Below is a comprehensive list of significant changes to DADiSP 6.5. New builds are generally released every four to six months and each build typically entails new features and functions as well as bug fixes.