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DADiSP 6.0 B18 Release Notes

TeX Math & Greek Symbols

DADiSP supports a subset of TeX math and Greek symbols and formatting commands. For example:

 W1: 1..100;text(10,80,"e^{j\omegat} = cos(\omegat) + jsin(\omegat)")

places the expression for Euler's Formula in W1. TeX commands can be used in text functions, plot labels and units.

The following summarizes the current TeX support. Each example string can be used with the LABEL, SETXLABEL, SETYLABEL or TEXT functions. The {}'s are used to delimit TeX expressions.

TeX processing can be enabled or disabled with the TEX_PROCESSING configuration parameter. For example, setconf("TEX_PROCESSING", "0") disables TeX processing.

Greek Letters

The full Greek alphabet is supported using the following TeX escape strings:

Greek Letters

\alpha \beta \gamma \delta
\eta \epsilon \varepsilon \zeta
\vartheta \iota \kappa \lambda
\mu \nu \xi \o
\sigma \varsigma \tau \upsilon
\phi \varphi \chi \psi
\varpi \rho \theta \pi

The first letter of each expression can be capitalized to obtain the upper case letter:

\Alpha, \Beta, \Gamma, etc.


  "\alpha and \Omega"

  "\nu = c / \lambda"

  "y(t} = cos(2\pift + \theta)" 


A large number of math and engineering symbols are supported with the following TeX escape strings:

Math & Engineering Symbols

\leftrightarrow \Leftrightarrow \hookleftarrow
\diamondsuit \rightarrow \Rightarrow
\Rightarrow \backslash \copyright
\downarrow \Downarrow \heartsuit
\leftarrow \Leftarrow \spadesuit
\clubsuit \subseteq \Diamond
\partial \uparrow \Uparrow
\Upsilon \approx \bullet
\exists \forall \langle
\lbrace \lfloor \oslash
\otimes \propto \rangle
\rbrace \rfloor \subset
\supset \aleph \angle
\cdot \circ \cong
\equiv \gets \infty
\land \lceil \ldots
\lnot \nabla \not=
\notin \oplus \owns
\prep \prime \prod
\rceil \surd \times
\wedge \Box \cap
\cup \div \geq
\int \leq \lor
\mid \neg \neq
\sum \vee \ge
\im \Im \in
\le \ne \ni
\pm \re \Re
\to \ul \wp


  "f(x \to \infty) \approx 0"

  "\nabla \times E = -\partialB/\partialt"

  "\angleH(\omega) = 2\cdot\pi"

Superscript and Subscript

Superscript and subscripts are specified with the ^ and _ characters.


  "E = mc^2"

  "P(x) = a_0 + a_1x + a_2x^2 + a_3x^3"

  "\alpha^{\lambda_0 + \lambda_1}"


A fraction with a horizontal separator is specified by the following function:





  "\frac{a^2 + b^2}{a^2 _ b^2}"

  "\Phi_x(\omega) \equiv \frac{|X(e^{j\omega})|^2}{\pi}"

Font Modification

Font characteristics such as size, color, style, type and angle can be modified inline:

Font Modification

\fontangle{angle} text angle
\textcolor{color} text foreground color
\colorbox{color} text background color
\fontname{name} font name
\fontsize{size} font size, pixels if size > 0 else points
\color{color} text foreground color
\tex{on_off} Inline TeX processing mode - 0:disabled, 1:enabled
\bf Bold font
\it Italics font
\rm Normal font
\tt Courier font


  "This is \it{italics} text and this is \bf{bold} text."

  "This is \color{lred}{in red} and \color{green}{green}."

  "This is \fontsize{32}{big} and \fontsize{12}{small}."

  "\colorbox{yellow}{F(\sigma) = e^{\frac{\sigma^2}{2\pi}}}"

  "Raw Units: \tex{0}V^2\tex{1}, TeX Units: V^2"

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