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"A jewel, a fully responsive package that meets the needs of the Test & Evaluation world."

- Mike Alamo, Ordnance Evaluation

DADiSP 6.0 B18 Release Notes

SPL Functions

Along with built-in routines, DADiSP includes many SPL functions located in the main SPL directory. These functions are arranged by category and reside in appropriately named sub-directories within the SPL directory.

To quickly obtain information on any SPL function, use the help command. For example, to obtain help on the SPECGRAM function, type:

            help specgram

SPL Functions Listed by Directory


dsptest1.txt Visual Basic Automation example code
dsptest2.txt Visual Basic Automation example code
dsptest3.txt Visual Basic Automation example code
msword.spl Demonstrates ActiveX with MS Word
msword2.spl Copies a Worksheet to MS Word via ActiveX
ws2html.spl Converts a Worksheet to HTML using Word and ActiveX
xlclear.spl Clears an ActiveX connection with Excel
xlget.spl Gets a range of values from Excel
xlinit.spl Initializes an ActiveX connection with Excel
xlput.spl Transfers a series to Excel


colorbar.spl Adds a colorbar legend for color shaded plots
cool.spl Shades of blue colormap
copper.spl Shades of brown colormap
getrgb.spl Returns individual red, green and blue image components
gray.spl Black & White colormap
hot.spl Shades of red colormap
pink.spl Shades of pink colormap
rainbow.spl Colors of rainbow colormap
resetmap.spl Resets colormap in a Worksheet
savecmap.spl Saves a colormap with a Worksheet
setcrange.spl Sets the color range of shaded plots
showcmap.spl Displays current colormap


expfit.spl Exponential fit, A * exp(B*x)
lfit.spl Fits a line using the end points
lsinfit.spl Fits a sinewave of a known frequency
pfit.spl Polynomial fitting with statistics
powfit.spl Power fit, A * x ^B
sinfit.spl Fits y(x) = A + B * sin(C*x + D) using the FFT
sintrend.spl Fits y(x) = A + B*x + C * sin(D*x + E) using the FFT


dbstop.spl Establish a breakpoint
dbcont.spl Continue debugger execution
dbquit.spl Exit debugger
dbstep.spl Step to next source code line
dbclear.spl Clear a breakpoint
dbstatus.spl Display current debugger status
dbstack.spl List SPL function calls
dbup.spl Move up the call stack
dbdown.spl Move down the call stack


acorr.spl Autocorrelation with normalization
acov.spl Autocovariance
avgfilt.spl Nearest neighbor averaging
bestpow2.spl Determines best power of 2 length for FFT processing
bilinear.spl S to Z domain transformation
bitquant.spl Quantize to 2^N discrete levels
bitscale.spl Scales raw A/D counts to engineering units
circonv Time domain circular convolution
cceps.spl Complex Cepstrum
clogmag.spl Frequency response of cascade form IIR filters
covm.spl Covariance matrix
dct.spl Discrete cosine transform
demodfm.spl Demodulates an FM signal
effbit.spl Effective bit calculation
endflip.spl Pads endpoints with reflections of end segments
facorr.spl Autocorrelation using the FFT method
facov.spl Autocovariance using the FFT method
fcirconv Frequency domain circular convolution
fconv.spl Convolution using the FFT method
fftshift.spl Shifts DC frequency to middle of FFT plot
filteq.spl Evaluates a Difference Equation
firsamp.spl Frequency Sampling FIR with XY input
freqsamp.spl Frequency Sampling FIR filter design
fxcorr.spl Cross-correlation using the FFT method
fxcov.spl Cross-covariance using the FFT method
fzinterp.spl Interpolation using FFT zero insertion, factor based
grpdelay.spl Calculates the group delay of a Z transform
hamming.spl Hamming window with optional amplitude correction
hanning.spl Hanning window with optional amplitude correction
hilb.spl Hilbert transformer
icceps.spl Inverse Cepstrum transform
idct.spl Inverse discrete cosine transform
impz.spl Z Domain Impulse Response
invpsd.spl Generate a Time Series from a PSD
kaiser.spl Kasier window with optional amplitude correction
linscale.spl Linear conversion of series range
log2.spl Log base 2, useful for FFT calculations
nextpow2.spl Get next power of two
oasfilt.spl Overlap and save method of filtering
padfilt.spl FIR filtering with end point padding
powspec.spl FFT based power spectrum
poly.spl Characteristic polynomial coefficients
quantize.spl Quantize to N discrete levels
rceps.spl Real cepstrum
removena.spl Remove NA values from a series
residue S Domain Partial Fraction Expansion
residuez Z Domain Partial Fraction Expansion
shp.spl Single pole analog high pass filter emulation
slp.spl Single pole analog low pass filter emulation
sonogram.spl 2D B&W Time vs Frequency FFT
specgram.spl 2D Color Time vs Frequency FFT
starms.spl Short time averaged RMS series
tf2ss.spl Transfer function to state space conversion
winfunc.spl Generic windowing functions
xcorr.spl Time domain cross-correlation
xcov.spl Time domain covariance
zeroflip.spl Flips endpoints about zero
zfreq.spl Frequency response of a Z transform
zinterp.spl Zero insertion interpolation - rate based
zpfcoef.spl Digital filter design from S domain specs
zplane.spl Pole-Zero Plot


eye.spl Identity matrix
fxyvals.spl Generates X and Y values for Z = F(x, y) function
gimpulse.spl Generates an impulse with a sample rate
grtsqr.spl Generate square wave with rise time
gsweep.spl Generate a linearly swept sinewave
linspace.spl Generate equally space values
logspace.spl Generate log spaced values
meshgrid.spl Generate XY array from XY series
ones.spl Creates an array of all ones
rand.spl Generate NxM random array
randn.spl Generate NxM normally distributed random array
zeros.spl Creates an array of all zeros


brighten.spl Brightens or darkens an image
dct2.spl 2D Discrete cosine transform
fft2.spl 2D FFT Cartesian form
fftp2.spl 2D FFT Polar form
histeq.spl Histogram equalization
idct2.spl 2D inverse discrete cosine transform
ifft2.spl 2D inverse FFT Cartesian form
ifftp2.sp 2D inverse FFT Polar form
image24.spl Converts an image to 24 bit
iminterp.spl Interpolates an image
rgbimage.spl Creates a 24 bit image from separate rgb components


series.h Useful constants and macros


readbmp.spl Reads a bitmap file
readmat.spl Reads a Matlab 4 matrix
readtb.spl Reads a binary table
writebmp.spl Writes a bitmap
writetb.spl Writes a binary table


dydx.spl Derivative of XY data
movavg2.spl Moving average with end point padding
movrms.spl Moving RMS series
movstd.spl Moving standard deviation
polyroot.spl Polynomial roots
trapz.spl Integration using the trapezoidal rule
unmerge.spl Demultiplexes an interlaced series


gradient.spl 2D gradient estimation
igrid.spl Grids irregular XYZ data using inverse distance method
interp2.spl 2D linear interpolation
peaks.spl Generates a 3D surface
sgrid.spl Grids irregular XYZ data using splines
spin.spl Spins a 3D plot
spline2.spl 2D spline interpolation
xyz.spl XYZ help file


colnos.spl Generate matrix of column numbers
cond.spl Estimates condition number
eig.spl Returns eigenvalues and eigenvectors
lotri.spl Extract lower triangle
lotrix.spl Extract lower triangle excluding main diagonal
norm.spl Matrix norm
null.spl Orthogonal basis for NULL space
orth.spl Orthogonal basis for an array
pinv.spl Pseudo-inverse of an array
qr.spl QR decomposition
rank.spl Number of independent rows or columns
rownos.spl Generate matrix of row numbers
trace.spl Diagonal sum
uptri.spl Extract upper triangle
uptrix.spl Extract upper triangle excluding main diagonal


examples.spl SPL code examples
ctree.spl Binary fractal creation
numvwins.spl Number of visible Windows


ascale.spl Turns On/Off autoscaling
barctr.spl Centers bar plots
bargap.spl Specifies gaps between bars
barstyle.spl Sets the vertical reference for a bar plot
bartop.spl Turns On/Off coloring the tops of 3D bar plots
cut.spl Cuts the contents of a window into the current window
resetscr.spl Resets screen display from scr2prt
sethatch.spl Sethatch help file
setvport.spl Sets viewport of the current window to the input window
setwlab.spl Sets a window label
scr2prt.spl Sets screen to appear as print output
stepctr.spl Centers step plots
xsubtic.spl Turns On/Off X subtic labels on log plots
ysubtic.spl Turns On/Off Y subtic labels on log plots


rtread.spl Example of reading real time data
rttinit.spl Rttinit help file - real time task initialization
rttpause.spl Rttpause help file - real time task pause/continue
rttterm.spl Rttterm help file - real time task termination
rtwrite.spl Example of writing real time data


all.spl Returns 1 if all elements of the input are non-zero
any.spl Returns 1 if any element of the input is non-zero
colprod.spl Product of each column in an array
findmax.spl Returns the max and location of the max value
findmin.spl Returns the min and location of the min value
findval.spl Returns the value and location of an arbitrary value
fix.spl Rounds value to zero
idxtox.spl Convert index to X value
iscomplx.spl Checks if value is complex
isreal.spl Checks if value is real
markmax.spl Marks the maximum of a series
markmin.spl Marks the minimum of a series
maxval.spl Returns maximum of two arguments
minval.spl Returns minimum of two arguments
nibble.spl Extract out 4 bit nibble
prod.spl Product of each element of a series
rat.spl Rational approximation of a value
rem.spl Modulo
outlier.spl Replaces outliers with linear interpolation
replace.spl Replaces values in a series based on a condition
rowlen.spl Number of elements in each row
rowmax.spl Maximum of row elements
rowmean.spl Mean of row elements
rowmin.spl Minimum of row elements
rowsum.spl Sum of row elements
rowstdev.spl Standard deviation of row elements
sercount.spl Total number of series in a Window
size.spl Returns dimensions of an array
valfill.spl Replaces a value with previous or next values
vmax.spl Maximum of any number of inputs
vmin.spl Minimum of any number of inputs
xtoidx.spl Convert X value to index
xylookup.spl Interpolate Y value from arbitrary X value
xymerge.spl Merge series by respecting X values


a2std.spl Alpha confidence level to standard deviation
cnf2std.spl Confidence (%) level to standard deviation
confx.spl Confidence level for given density function and x
erfcinv.spl Inverse complementary error function
erfinv.spl Inverse error function
pearson.spl Calculates Pearson's linear correlation coefficient
probn.spl Probability of X <= z for normal distribution
stderr.spl Standard Error
svd.spl Singular Value Decomposition
svddiv.spl Solves for x in A *^ x = b using SVD
trend.spl Least squares best fit line
xconf.spl X value of confidence level for a given density function


dtxy.spl Return the date, time and Y values of a series
julymd.spl Converts a series if YMD values to Julian dates


chkfiles.spl Checks database integrity
chr2chr.spl Replaces a character in a string
defvar.spl Default a variable if not defined
dirpath.spl Returns directory component of a path string
fixslash.spl Fixes \ character in a string
formula.spl Writes out the formulae of a Worksheet
hex.spl Simple hex converter
hex2int.spl Convert hex value to integer
int2hex.spl Convert integer to hex
isfunc.spl returns 1 if SPL function loaded, else 0
isunit.spl Determines if string is a recognized unit
mort.spl Mortgage calculator
mpay.spl Mortgage payment routine
writecnf.spl Writes configuration settings to a file

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