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"A jewel, a fully responsive package that meets the needs of the Test & Evaluation world."

- Mike Alamo, Ordnance Evaluation

DADiSP 6.0 B18 Release Notes

Misc Changes

ANS Result Variable

The result of the last scalar or string expression is saved in the global variable ans. Series results are not duplicated (since they are saved in a Window or variable).

New Command Form Syntax

Any function that accepts a string can also be entered in command form. For example:


can also be specified as:

        splload \functions\myfun.spl

The command form is only supported at the command line.

CLEAR Function.

CLEAR can clear Windows, macros, variables and functions. CLEAR can also be specified in command form. For example:

        clear w1
        clear a
        clear myfun
        clear mymac

are all valid uses of CLEAR.

Worksheet Bitmap Copy

Ctrl-P copies the Worksheet bitmap to the clipboard.

Matrix Solve

Matrix Solve \^ Handles Non-square Matrices. Over or under determined matrices are solved using QR decomposition.

Hex Display

Tables and Window Scales can Display Hex Values See Tools-Options-Preferences-Window to set hex display.

Worksheet Colormap

The colormap is now saved and restored with Worksheets.

Unitless Processing

Series math with "No Units" preserves deltax, xoffset, etc.


The HISTOGRAM function accepts an optional series of bin edges.

Hex Value Importing

Importing, READT and WRITET support hex values.

XY Linear Regression

LINREG and LINREG2 handle XY series.

Missing Value Import Support


XY Integration

INTEG and DECIMATE support XY series.

Rational Fraction Display

SETFORMAT(7) sets the display format to rational fraction such that 1.5 displays as 3/2.

SETXLOG and SETYLOG Exponent Display

SETXLOG and SETYLOG accept optional 3rd argument to specify 10^n tic values for log plots. SETYLOG(1, 0, 1) sets the Y axis to log with tic labels of the form 10^1, 10^2, 10^3, etc.

SI Unit Abbreviations

All internal units and abbreviations now conform to SI standards.

User Defined Toolbar Bitmaps

TOOLBAR supports user defined bitmap buttons.

Window Aspect Ratio

SETASPECT sets the aspect ratio (width/height) of the plotting area.

User Defined Autoscale Coordinates

SETXAUTO, SETYAUTO set the autoscale coordinates.

User Defined Unit Expressions

DEFUNITS defines a new unit with expansion.

User Defined RGB Colors

DEFCOLOR defines a new RBG color.

Modeless File Display

VIEW and VIEWFILE use display modeless dialog boxes.

Log Axes for Images

Images can be displayed with log scales.

User Defined Macro on Worksheet Loading

$PREINITWKS macro executes before drawing Windows when loading a Worksheet.

Raw Byte Data Conversion

CASTBYTE accepts "byte stream" flag to cast raw bytes into a series. A series can also be converted into a raw byte stream of a specified type.

XP SP2 Command File Fix

Windows XP SP2 alters some keyboard handling functions that can effect proper execution of command files. A fix to restore correct command file processing has been implemented.

Multicolumn Memory Management

Better memory management for matrix and multi-column calculations.

Reset User Defined Macros

RESETMACROS clears user defined macros and resets system macros.

Recursive Calculation Interruption

CALC(-1) breaks circular calculations.

XY Area Calculation

AREA and INTEG use the modified Simpson's Rule for XY data.

Multiple Column Header Specification

SETCOLHEADER accepts multiple header strings and column numbers.

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