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"A jewel, a fully responsive package that meets the needs of the Test & Evaluation world."

- Mike Alamo, Ordnance Evaluation

DADiSP 6.0 B18 Release Notes

GUI Enhancements

Legend and Arrow Drawing

The drawing toolbar now supports legends and arrows. Selection and configuration buttons have been added.

Text, legends, lines and arrows can be directly selected and manipulated with the mouse when the Window is activated or zoomed.

Date and Time Configuration

A Date/Time tab has been added to the Tools-Options-System Preferences dialog to configure data/time display of series in a Window.

Tic Mark Configuration

The Window tab of the Tools-Options-System Preferences dialog includes an "Autoscaling Mode" option. "Peak Centering" centers the data in the Window based on the extreme values and "Tic Marks" autoscales the Window such that a tic mark always occurs at the bottom and top of the Window.

User Defined Default Units

"Default Horizontal Units" and "Default Vertical Units" have been added to the Series tab of the Tools-Options-System Preferences dialog to set the default units of generated series.

Global Color Configuration

"Global Colors" in the Tools-Options-Settings dialog are now saved in the session file so color settings are now preserved. The colors of the Window caption is now configurable in the Tools-Options-Settings dialog.

Full Dataset Display

Open Dataset supports loading an entire Dataset into one window with each series drawn in a different color. The attributes of these series can be manipulated in the Properties dialog.

Metafile and Clipboard Configuration

The Tools-Options-Print Preferences-Metafile dialog supports configuration of the clipboard formats. This can optimize clipboard transfers if the desired format of the data or image is known beforehand.

Circular Calculation Configuration

The Tools-Options-Settings-Calculations dialog supports configuration of Recursive Window Formulae. Recursive formulae involve Windows that depend on each other to create a dependency cycle. The number of evaluations per cycle can be specified.

Window Tiling

Worksheets can be tiled vertically, horizontally, equal sized and automatically. Custom Window layouts can also be specified.

Send Worksheet via Email

The File-Send menu option uses the default MAPI settings to send a Worksheet as an email attachment. The recipient can double click the received attachment to automatically view the Worksheet if a full version of DADiSP or the browser version of DADiSP is installed on the recipient's machine.

To configure Outlook Express as your default MAPI client, select the "Make Outlook Express my Simple MAPI client" check box under the Tools-Options menu.

Most Recently Used Dialog Box History

The Right Click menu now includes a list of the most recently used dialog boxes. This history allows for quick selection of the most often used dialogs. The number of dialog boxes displayed can be configured with the Tools-Options-System Preferences-Misc dialog.

Window Dependency Display

The dependencies of the current Window can be displayed with the Tools-Options-System Preferences-Screen Elements dialog. When selected, the captions of the Windows the current Window depends on ("parents") and the Windows that depend on the current Window ("children") are displayed in different colors. The colors can also be configured with the Tools-Options-System Preferences-Screen Elements dialog.

Tabular Display Configuration

TableView supports multiple header lines. Header lines can be configured with the Tools-Options-System Preferences-Table dialog. A column header can optionally contain a column number, series name, series comment and/or units.

Cursor Mouse Selection

Data cursors can be graphically selected by left clicking on or near the desired cursor. Cursor styles are set with the View-Cursor-Settings dialog.

Automatic Dataset Display

File-Open-Dataset-Multiple Windows will prompt to automatically add the correct number of Windows if the Dataset contains more series than the number of consecutive Windows.

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