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"A jewel, a fully responsive package that meets the needs of the Test & Evaluation world."

- Mike Alamo, Ordnance Evaluation

DADiSP 6.0 B18 Release Notes

Bug Fixes

Below is a list of bug fixes since Build 1. The fixes are listed in chronological order with the latest fix displayed last.

  1. Read-only series load properly.
  2. High density Step plots display correctly.
  3. SPRINTF and PRINTF have no internal string length limitation.
  4. STRJUL uses current LOCALE for date formats.
  5. Eigenvalues now normalized.
  6. XVALS and YVALS return array of values for multi-column data.
  7. Printer device re-initialized for each print.
  8. Autoscale re-scales each synched overlay.
  9. SQRT(-n) can return complex scalar or series.
  10. Symbol plots clip properly on printer output.
  11. Butterworth bandpass filters have correct gain scaling.
  12. Waterfall bar plots print properly.
  13. RUN handles -1 display mode.
  14. CreateObject initializes ActiveX Controls (OCX).
  15. HPGL (pen plotter) clips out of range plots properly.
  16. Support for deeply nested Labbook directories.
  17. acos/acosh/acoth/acsc/asec/asech/asin can return complex series.
  18. Stem plots and circular symbols print properly.
  19. Long integer divide operations default to double precision.
  20. Density (image) plots zoom to very large magnification factors.
  21. Window caption draws properly under XP.
  22. Keyboard character repeat fixed under Win2K service patch.
  23. DELETEROW preserves original series units and attributes.
  24. Import properly increments version number if NXT version is specified.
  25. MOD and % use integer modulo for integer inputs.
  26. x % 0 works properly for series and reals.
  27. a = 10^300 automatically promotes the result to double precision if necessary.
  28. mymacro(a[1]) works properly for macros.
  29. Automatic path searching for SPLs and other files recurse properly into multiply nested sub-directories.
  30. Text, legends and line annotations are corrected for overlay focus. Prevents annotations from vanishing when the focus changes on an overlay Window.
  31. Text annotations using the {} evaluation method work properly.
  32. GETCOMMENT returns the proper comment for a series in an overlay Window that has focus.
  33. SORT handles huge data properly.
  34. The delta crosshair and line cursor displays the proper time difference for date/time series.
  35. DELETE can remove leading columns from an array.
  36. Stability fixes for operations on Worksheets with no Windows.

Misc Changes