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"A jewel, a fully responsive package that meets the needs of the Test & Evaluation world."

- Mike Alamo, Ordnance Evaluation

Stand Alone Installation

A single user DADiSP license supports Microsoft Windows 64-bit or 32-bit.

DADiSP typically requires less than 40.0 MB of disk space for installation.

Installation Process

A single user, stand alone installation of DADiSP is a two step process:

  1. Media Installation
  2. Password File Authorization

Media Installation

To install DADiSP from your installation media (typically a CDROM or web download), run the SETUP program from the Start button. Select the RUN option and type:


where D:\ is the name of the drive with the installation media or the location of SETUP.EXE.

The SETUP installation program will prompt you for the destination drive and directory. The default directory is \Program Files\DSP67.

The installer automatically registers .dsp .mac, .men, .hed, .pan, .tab and .spl file extensions. This allows NotePad to treat these files as ASCII text.

The installer also registers the various ActiveX capabilities of DADiSP.


Your version of DADiSP may require an authorization password for your particular machine. A Password Request Form will be displayed after installation or when you first run DADiSP. To obtain your authorization password, contact DSP via Web, Email or FAX with your Password Request Form.

Password Request Contact

Fax 617-969-0446
Email Password Request

Once you have obtained your password, simply run DADiSP and enter the password in the displayed dialog box.

Note for Windows 11/10/8/7/Vista Users: The password procedure automatically creates a license file in a secure folder. However, if your system does not accept your password, try running DADiSP as Administrator. Right click the DADiSP icon and select Run as Administrator then enter the password in the displayed dialog box. You do not need to run DADiSP as Administrator once your password is accepted.

Running DADiSP

  1. Start MS Windows
  2. Click on the DADiSP icon in the START menu.

Self-Running Demonstration

The self-running demonstration presents a variety of topics and features offered by DADiSP. The demonstration runs in DADiSP itself and provides a quick overview of the capabilities of DADiSP. To run the demonstration:
  1. Start DADiSP
  2. Select the Help » Demo/Tutorial menu option.
The demonstration will display a number of options regarding DADiSP usage and analysis topics.