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"Unbelievable! DADiSP is the perfect synthesis of Matlab's power and Excel's simplicity!"

- Amro Alawady, Lockheed Martin

DADiSP/SE-Pro Special Student Offer

For a limited time only. Upgrade to the FULL professional version of DADiSP for just  $79.95  and receive 4 popular Add-In Modules for Free!

Thank you for downloading DADiSP/SE! The copy of DADiSP that you downloaded may be all you'll ever need. However, we are making available our Professional Version of DADiSP plus our wide range of optional modules at very low prices for students.

DADiSP/SE-Pro can handle virtually any sized data series, offers up to 100 analysis Windows and includes our popular DADiSP/Filters, DADiSP/WAV and DADiSP/MAT-File modules. DADiSP/SE-Pro is ideal for complex data analysis problems with large data sets and represents a significant performance upgrade over DADiSP/SE at minimal cost.

 New   DADiSP/SE-Pro now includes the MATLINK module to execute MATLAB (1) code directly from DADiSP.

Maximum Series Size:32KB2GB
Maximum Windows:9100
Filters Module:includedincluded
WAV Module:includedincluded
MAT File Module: included
MATLINK Module: included
Full On-line Help: included
Price:Free!$129.95  $79.95

Buyers must be full-time registered students using these products for educational purposes only.

MATLINK requires a licensed copy of MATLAB Version 4.0 or higher to be available from the machine running DADiSP.

(1) MATLAB is a registered trademark of The MathWorks, Inc.

Limit one order per student. License valid for 4 years from date of purchase. DSP reserves the right to modify or withdraw this offer at any time. Promotion Code: 3A9Z448