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DADiSP 6.8 B01 Release Notes

GUI Enhancements

Updated Dataset and Series GUI

The updated Dataset and Series load dialog supports the selection of multiple series and optional stripchart plot properties. Series can be loaded into multiple Windows or a single Window as a stripchart or a multi-column table. Series information and destination Window specification are available in one, consolidated dialog.

Visual Data Editing

A new Visual data editing functionality is available from the Analysis » Data Reduction » Visual Editing pull down menu. A simple dialog box allows for the freehand drawing of one or more edit lines that specifiy the editied data. The edited series can replace the original series or be placed in a separate Window. A similar visual clipping facility is available from the Analysis » Data Reduction » Clip » Visual Clip pull down menu.

Updated Drawing Toolbar

The drawing toolbar now supports ellipse and polygon shapes. The properties of any shape or text object can be modified by clicking on the object. Text annotations now support individual font properties.

Stripchart Properties Tab

A Stripchart tab has been added to the Properties dialog if a Window contains a stripchart plot. The ploting order, color preference, plot gap and scales location can be specified. The Tools » Settings & Colors dialog also includes a Stripchart tab to configure global stripchart options.

Color Configuration

Additional web compatible colors are available by pressing the More Colors button on various dialog boxes. New colors are saved with the Worksheet. The WEBCOLORS function also defines web compatible colors.

SPL Debugger

A GUI SPL Debugger is available from the Tools » SPL » Debug SPL pull down menu. Any SPL function can be selected. The function is displayed with color coded syntax highlighting. The debugger supports standard code stepping, break point setting and variable examination and modification capabilities.

Worksheet Titles

Title and footer text can be placed on a Worksheet from the View » Title pull down menu. The font properties can be modified by clicking on each annotation.

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