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DADiSP 6.5 B05 Release Notes

New Shape and Text Annotations

DADiSP 6.5 includes enhanced rectangle, ellipse, polyline, polygon and text objects. Shape and text objects can be generated from the toolbar or created programatically. The following annotation capabilities are available:

  1. Updated "Drawing Toolbar" supports rectangle, ellipse and polygon filled or transparent shape creation.
  2. Full dialog based text, shape and line property editing.
  3. Add Worksheet Title and/or Footer Text.
  4. Associate arbitrary text tags with any shape or line.
  5. Reference text, shapes or lines by an object handle. Object handles can get or set object properties using a simple handle.property syntax. For example:

      // generate a line
      // add text to plot
      handle = text(10.0, 20.0, "My Text");
      color = handle.color;         // get object color
      handle.color = lred;          // set color to light red
      handle.text = "Example Text"; // set object text 

    This example draws a rectangle in a Window and uses the object handle to set the color, width and fill color of the rectangle.

      W1: gsin(100,.01);
      h = rectdraw(W1, 0.2, -0.5, 0.6, 1.0);
      h.color = lred; h.width = 4;h.fill = yellow; 

  6. Find any object based on property values. For example:

      h = findhandle(W1);

    returns an array of handles to all the text, line or shape objects in W1.

      h = findhandle(W1, "color", lred);

    returns an array of handles to all the text, line or shape objects in W1 with a color of light red.

      h = findhandle(W1, "color", lred, "shape", "ellipse");
      h.fill = lgreen;

    returns an array of handles to all the ellipse objects in W1 with a border color of light red and then sets the interior colors of those objects to light green. Any combination of property values can be specified to locate objects.

    The findtext function searches for text objects only and findshape searches for shapes and lines only.

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