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DADiSP 6.5 B05 Release Notes

Command Line Arguments

DADiSP supports the -s command line argument to automatically load and run an SPL file on startup. For example:

   dadispnt -s=process.spl

starts DADiSP, loads the file process.spl and runs the SPL function process().

DADiSP supports the -d command line argument to specify the initial display mode:

   -d=0  - hidden
   -d=1  - normal
   -d=2  - maximized
   -d=3  - iconic

Running DADiSP in hidden mode (-d=0) is useful when using DADiSP as an analysis engine in conjunction with another program.

Additional command line arguments include:

   -l=labbookpath   - open a specific Labbook
   -w=worksheet     - open a specific Worksheet
   -cnf=configfile  - load a session specific config file
   -register        - register as an ActiveX server
   -unregister      - unregister as an ActiveX server