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- Felix Grant, Scientific Computing World
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DADiSP 6.5 B05 Release Notes

Build 04 Release - Released October 15, 2011

Build 04 is an update of DADiSP 6.5 B01, B02, B03 or B04 released prior to October 15, 2011.

Build 04 Specific Changes

Below is a list of changes and improvements specific to DADiSP 6.5 B04:

New Features and Functions

Faster Computation

Matrix Manipulation

  1. CROSSPROD efficiently computes the matrix cross product.
  2. FUNM computes the general matrix function.
  3. LOGM computes the matrix logarithm.
  4. RCOND computes the reciprocal matrix condition number.
  5. SQRTM computes the matrix square root.
  6. New MatrixXL Module accelerates core matrix computations by 3X to 50X.

Image Processing

  1. IMCONV performs 2D convolution on RGB images.
  2. MAXFILT performs maximum filtering on an image.
  3. MEDFILT performs median filtering on an image.
  4. MINFILT performs minimum filtering on an image.
  5. READIMAGE reads a BMP, GIF or JPEG image file.

Logical Functions

  1. ISEQUAL compares two inputs for equality.
  2. ISPRIME returns 1 for each series value that is prime.

Graphics and Plot Attributes

  1. NUMFOCUS returns the number of overlays in a Window.
  2. XYALT creates an XY plot with alternate X scales.

Misc Functions

  1. MATLAB executes a command string in MATLAB syntax.
  2. SERPAD pads a series with a specified value.

Improvements and Changes

  1. READB supports N byte (multi-byte) integer data.
  2. WRITEB supports N byte (multi-byte) integer data.
  3. Data import supports huge multi-channel binary files. Although each channel is limited to 2 GB, the import file has no practical size limitation.
  4. SORT has been optimized for speed for large series.
  5. Binary series operators have been optimized for speed for large series.
  6. CASCADE supports initial and final conditions.
  7. FILTEQ supports initial and final conditions.
  8. CONV2D accepts an optional "shape" parameter.
  9. LU returns an optional permutation matrix.
  10. QR supports "compact" mode and returns an optional permutation matrix.
  11. SVD supports "compact" and "economy" modes.
  12. COND accepts an optional p-norm parameter.
  13. SETASPECT(-1) sets a Window aspect ratio to the size of the contained image.
  14. SPL_BANG_COMMENT configures ! as SPL single line comment.


  1. GUI based dataset deletion handles datasets with a large number of series properly.
  2. MENULIST accepts a long input list correctly.
  3. GUI based text and legend editing has been corrected.
  4. ITERATE supports SPL functions that do not return a series.
  5. Large series with NA gaps plot correctly.
  6. SPL preprocessor fix for #if, #else, #endif conditionals.

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