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"DADiSP inspired everyone and produced radical shifts in thinking."

- Felix Grant, Scientific Computing World
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DADiSP 6.5 B05 Release Notes

Build 03 Release - Released February 16, 2011

Build 03 is an update of DADiSP 6.5 B01, B02 or B03 released prior to February 16, 2011.

Build 03 Specific Changes

Below is a list of changes and improvements specific to DADiSP 6.5 B03:

New Features and Functions

Data Processing

  1. DETREND removes a linear or piecewise linear trend from a series.
  2. FDERIV computes the frequency domain derivative.
  3. FPADFILT performs FFT based FIR filtering with end padding.
  4. INSERTCOL inserts a column into a table.
  5. REPLACECOL replaces values of a column in a table.

Graphics and Plot Attributes

  1. CLEARZLABEL removes the height (Z) label of a 3D window.
  2. GETSYMBOLINTERVAL, GETSYMBOLOFFSET and GETSYMBOLSIZE return the symbol interval, offset and size of a series.
  3. GETXLIDX returns the leftmost index of a displayed series.
  4. GETXRIDX returns the rightmost index of a displayed series.
  5. GETYL returns the leftmost Y value of a displayed series.
  6. GETYR returns the rightmost Y value of a displayed series.
  7. GETZLABEL returns the height (Z) label of a 3D window.
  8. ISHANDLE returns non-zero if input is a shape or text handle.
  9. ISXYZ returns 1 if input is an XYZ series.
  10. OVERPLOTALL overplots one or more series onto a stripchart.
  11. SETSYMBOLINTERVAL, SETSYMBOLOFFSET and SETSYMBOLSIZE sets symbol interval, offset and size for a series.
  12. SETZLABEL sets the height (Z) label of a 3D window.
  13. UNOVERPLOTALL removes one or more overplots from a stripchart.

Series Attributes and Machine Metrics

  1. BITMAX returns the largest positive floating point integer.
  2. GETZUNITS returns the height (Z) units of a 3D series.
  3. SETZUNITS sets the height (Z) units of a 3D series.


  1. ISOBJECT returns 1 if input is an ActiveX handle or checks the Registry if the input is a string.
  2. XLSAVE saves an Excel Worksheet via ActiveX.
  3. XLSAVEAS saves the current Excel Worksheet via ActiveX.


  1. SPLCOMPILEALL compiles one or more SPL files in a folder.
  2. SPLLOADALL compiles and loads one or more SPL files in a folder.

Misc Functions

  1. DISP displays a value as text in the status line.
  2. ISWINDS returns 1 if the window contains a saved series.
  3. NUM2STR converts a numeric to a string.
  4. VIEWTEXT displays text in a dialog box.

Improvements and Changes

  1. Ternary conditionals (a ? b : c) performance increase for series arguments.
  2. Exiting the debugger breaks out of the current calculation.
  3. eps(X) returns the positive distance from abs(X) such that
    X + eps(X) != X.
  4. For scalar a, a[1] == a, i.e. array references work with scalar variables.
  5. STRMATCH accepts an optional parameter to return the substring index of a matching substring.
  6. The NA_COMPARE_MODE configuration parameter specifies the behavior of nan comparisons.
  7. MENULIST provides the same dialog box functionality as MENUFILE but accepts string input.


  1. MKDIR creates nested directories correctly.
  2. FPRINTF handles SPRINTF format strings correctly.
  3. LEVELCROSS processes large series correctly.
  4. switch handles negative case properly.
  5. LOADDATASET and LOADSERIES propagate calculations properly
  6. Real time date and time axes display high precision time values properly

Vista/Windows 7 Support

DADiSP 6.5 B03 includes native HTML help files compatible with Vista and Windows 7. Help access is unchanged - use the standard pull down menus or command form.

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