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"DADiSP inspired everyone and produced radical shifts in thinking."

- Felix Grant, Scientific Computing World
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DADiSP 6.5 B05 Release Notes

Build 02 Release - Released October 22, 2010

Build 02 is an update of DADiSP 6.5 B01 or B02 released prior to October 22, 2010.

Build 02 Specific Changes

Below is a list of changes and improvements specific to DADiSP 6.5 B02:

New Features and Functions

  1. Native HTML Help support compatible with Vista and Windows 7
  2. AMPSPEC computes the normalized complex amplitude spectrum.
  3. MAGSPEC computes the magnitude of the normalized complex amplitude spectrum.
  4. PHASESPEC computes the magnitude of the normalized complex amplitude spectrum.
  5. ISARRAY returns 1 if the input is a series or arary.
  6. ISSCALAR returns 1 if the input is a number.
  7. ISNUMERIC returns 1 if the input is a number or series.
  8. ISSTRING returns 1 if the input is a string.
  9. ISXY returns 1 if the input is an XY series.
  10. REGISTERCONTROL registers an ActiveX control.

Improvements and Changes

  1. The BLACKMAN, FLATTOP, HAMMING and HANNING windowing functions support "symmetric" and "periodic" flags to meet the ISO 18431-1 standard.
  2. READTABLE header line recognition has been improved and also accepts explicit comment and units line options.
  3. Command files support // single line comments
  4. Curve fitting routines (EXPFIT, GAUSSFIT, LINFIT, etc.) operate on multi-column series.
  5. FINDMIN, FINDMAX, MARKMIN, MARKMIN support stripcharts and overlays.
  6. Legend dialog includes configuration settings.
  7. Staggered axes plot with improved tic and label spacing.
  8. TABLEVIEW displays faster for large tables.


  1. MERGE accepts optional pad parameter correctly.
  2. Properties->Axis preserves entered coordinates properly.
  3. XY Bar and Step plots display properly when scrolling.
  4. GETPEAK matches a peak for every valley detected by GETVALLEY.
  5. LEGEND fixed to avoid crash when directly executed.
  6. PLOT3D plots first sample properly for all plot styles and respects line attributes.
  7. NUMROWS fixed such that numrows()==numrows(w0).
  8. 6.0 text annotations can be selected, moved and edited.
  9. a==b same as b==a for arrays with columns of uneven rows.
  10. XY data with date/time axes plot the starting offset correctly.
  11. Ternary conditions (a ? b : c) work properly as array indices.
  12. ADDWINDOW preserves user defined row or column layouts.
  13. BILINEAR function fixed for transfer function mode.
  14. Memory leak fixed for QR matrix solve function.

Vista/Windows 7 Support

DADiSP 6.5 B02 includes native HTML help files compatible with Vista and Windows 7. Help access is unchanged - use the standard pull down menus or command form.

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