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Hema Patel
DSP Development Corporation

DSP Development Corporation
Announces DADiSP/2002

ActiveX technology enables standard Web browsers to distribute, display and manipulate interactive engineering analysis worksheets.

Newton, MA November 4, 2002.
DSP Development Corporation has announced DADiSP/2002, the newest release of the engineering spreadsheet designed specifically for technical data analysis.

DADiSP/2002 now supports external Worksheet Documents or .DWK files (DADiSP Worksheet File). DWK files are single file, standalone worksheets that adhere to the Compound Document file format. DWK files can be emailed and viewed by anyone running DADiSP/2002 and standard Web browsers can access DADiSP Worksheets directly from the Internet. Because DADiSP/2002 functions as a full ActiveX Document Server, any ActiveX Container application such as Excel or Word can embed, manipulate, save and print DADiSP Worksheets.

DADiSP/2002 adds several data transfer methods to an extensive Automation Server environment. DADiSP/2002's dual COM automation support allows both interpreted languages such as Visual Basic and compiled languages like C/C++ to make efficient use of DADiSP as an extremely powerful data analysis engine. Any application supporting Automation can seamlessly connect to DADiSP via standard ActiveX protocols to gain access to over 1000 fast and efficient data analysis routines. DADiSP/2002 also functions as an Automation Client, allowing COM based Automation Servers to be incorporated into the DADiSP environment via SPL, DADiSP's Series Processing Language.

DADiSP/2002 employs a "just in time" optimized memory management scheme to make the most of system memory when processing large or small datasets. Large series are transparently buffered to and from the disk while in-memory buffers are tailored specifically to the result of the calculation at hand. The maximum buffer size can be customized to take advantage of today's large memory systems. Calculations involving smaller series automatically compress to conserve total memory space. JIT memory management combined with code optimization has resulted in speed improvements of up to 100% for many core signal processing functions.

DADiSP/2002 extends DADiSP's Series Processing Language, SPL, to provide variable function arguments, ternary conditional statements, user defined error handlers and optimized loop processing. SPL's C/C++ syntax offers a familiar and clean programming style enabling users to create custom functions and procedures using standard programming techniques. DADiSP/2002 includes over 100 new built-in and SPL routines spanning the areas of matrix and series manipulation, signal processing, math, color, series generation, curve fitting and statistics.

"DADiSP/2002 now offers over 1000 analysis routines with an intuitive and familiar user interface to provide one of the most comprehensive technical data analysis tools available today" said Randy Race, DSP's Chief Technical Officer. "DADiSP is used by thousands of scientists and engineers worldwide as a high productivity alternative to traditional spreadsheet, FORTRAN, C/C++ and Matlab programming."

DADiSP/2002 for Windows 9x/2000/NT/XP is priced at $1995.00 and includes 90 days of technical support. DADiSP/2002 is now available for general release.

A free DADiSP Worksheet Browser and 30 Day Full Product License is available at

Founded in 1984, DSP Development Corporation creates and markets graphical data analysis, acquisition, and scientific visualization software for scientists and engineers in diverse technical fields, such as automation, data acquisition, real-time process control, image processing, digital signal processing, computer-aided engineering, and computer-aided testing.

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