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Network Installation Troubleshooting

After your network version of DADiSP has been installed and your license files have been received and copied to your installation folder on your server, the configuration file DADISP.CNF can be modified to diagnose installation errors.

Configuration File

DADISP.CNF is a text file that specifies the default values of various configuration parameters. This file resides in the installation folder on the server and is automatically loaded each time DADiSP starts. A separate DADISP.CNF file resides on each registered client to provide client specific customization. The client version, if any, is loaded after the server version.

The parameters in DADISP.CNF follow a KEYWORD KEYVALUE format. To set a particular parameter, simply specify the desired KEYVALUE for the appropriate KEYWORD.

The ! character is the single line comment character. All text following a ! is ignored. Most of the settings in the original version of DADISP.CNF are commented out such that the internal default values are used.

Network Messages

When enabled, the HOSTID_VERBOSE keyword in DADISP.CNF provides various status and error messages to facilitate network installation troubleshooting. To enable license message reporting, use any text editor to edit DADISP.CNF and change the line:

  ! HOSTID_VERBOSE        0       ! Floating license messages 


   HOSTID_VERBOSE         1       ! Floating license messages 

In other words, remove the leading ! character and change the 0 to 1.

After the modifications to DADISP.CNF are saved, restart DADiSP on a client and email the messages to DSP Technical Support. We will use this information to help resolve any installation problems.

Common license file errors are listed below.

Network Installation Errors

ERR_DLL -1000 Cannot Load the License DLL
ERR_01 -1001 Network Path to the License File is Incorrect (dadisp.lic)
ERR_02 -1002 Name or Path to the Executable File is Incorrect (dadispnt.exe)
ERR_03 -1003 Network ID is Incorrect