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Network Installation

A network license allows DADiSP to be installed in one central location, called the server, but supports access by one or more local machines that are connected to the server, called clients. Although the distribution is installed on a common server, the DADiSP executable always runs on the local client at full speed.

DADiSP network version implements a floating license such that the software can be run from any client machine that has access to the server. The number of allowed simultaneous users is determined by your license agreement. Because DADiSP network licenses are self metering and automatically verified, no additional software is required to ensure license compliance.

DADiSP network licenses support servers running any Microsoft network protocol and clients running Microsoft Windows 64-bit or 32-bit.

DADiSP typically requires less than 40.0 MB of disk space on the server for installation.

Installation Process

A multi-user, network installation of DADiSP is a three step process:

  1. Server Installation
  2. Password and License File Authorization
  3. Client Machine Registration

Server Installation

Install DADiSP to the server from any machine except the server itself. In other words, make sure to install DADiSP on the server from a client machine.

To install DADiSP from CDROM, run the SETUP program from the Start button. Select the RUN option and type:


The SETUP installation program will prompt you for the destination drive and directory. Make sure the directory is available to each client machine that will access DADiSP. The default directory is X:\Program Files\DSP67 where X is a network drive detected by the installer.

Installation Folder Read/Write Access

Each client requires read and write access to the DADiSP installation directory. If this is not possible or preferable, see Network Read-Only Setup for a modified installation configuration.


The network version of DADiSP requires an authorization password for your network. A Password Request Form will be displayed when you first install DADiSP on the server. To obtain your authorization password, contact DSP via Web, Email or FAX with your Password Request Form.

Password Request Contact

Fax 617-969-0446
Email Password Request

We will respond with your password file and a license file. These files must be installed in the same directory as the DADiSP installation. This procedure need only be completed once and is valid for all client machines.

Client Registration

To configure DADiSP to execute on a client machine, run the following program from the command prompt on each client:


where X:\network is the location of the DADiSP executable on the network drive. The registration process will copy the necessary files to the client machine, create local program icons and establish a local Labbook.

New clients can be registered at any time using the same registration command.

Running DADiSP on the Client

  1. Start MS Windows
  2. Click on the DADiSP icon in the START menu.

Self-Running Demonstration

The self-running demonstration presents a variety of topics and features offered by DADiSP. The demonstration runs in DADiSP itself and provides a quick overview of the capabilities of DADiSP. To run the demonstration:
  1. Start DADiSP
  2. Select the Help » Demo/Tutorial menu option.
The demonstration will display a number of options regarding DADiSP usage and analysis topics.

Network Troubleshooting

See Network Troubleshoot for information on troubleshooting a network installation.