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DADiSP / ISO 2631 1.6

ISO 2631 Frequency Weighting Module   New 

The ISO 2631 Module designs and processes data with ISO 2631 frequency weighting curves. Three principal frequency weightings are described in the ISO 2631 Standard: Wk for the Z axis or vertical direction, Wd for the X and Y axes, or horizontal direction, and Wf for motion sickness.

Additional frequency weightings defined for the special cases of seat-back measurements, rotational vibration and vibration under the head.

The ISO 2631 Module supports all 8 of the defined ISO 2631 frequency weighting curves, Wb, Wc, Wd, We, Wf, Wj, Wk and Wm weighting filters. In addition, the the ISO 5341 Wh and British BS 6841 Wg frequency weighting filters are included to provide a complete, standards based frequency weighting solution.

Acceleration data is processed by the frequency weighting filter in one step, where the filter is designed as per the selected specification and the data is filtered in the time domain with a high precision digital filter.

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