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"DADiSP inspired everyone and produced radical shifts in thinking."

- Felix Grant, Scientific Computing World
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DADiSP 6.0 New Functions

New Functions

Over 100 new functions have been added to DADiSP 6.0. Full descriptions of the functions listed here are included in the on-line help system.


castvariant Convert to explicit Automation variant type
comfilestatus Returns the Status of a Command File
excelpie Demonstrates Automation of Excel
getobject Connects to a Running ActiveX Server
msword2 Paste Worksheet into a Word Document
ws2html Convert Worksheet to HTML via Word
xlget Returns a Range of Values from Excel
xlinit Starts an ActiveX Connection with Excel
xlput Transfers a Range of Values to Excel

Color Manipulation

getcolormap Retrieve Current Colormap
getcrange Retrieve Current Color Range
resetmap Reset Worksheet Colormap
savecmap Save Colormap with Worksheet

Curve Fitting

expfit Exponential Fit
invdistance Inverse Distance 2D Griding
lsinfit Known Frequency Sin Fit
powfit Power Fit

Logical Functions

iscomplx Tests for Complex Values
isempty Tests for Empty Series
isinf Tests for Infinite Values
isnan Tests for NA Values
isreal Tests for Real Values
isstr Tests for string

Math Functions

erfcinv Inverse Incomplete Error Function
erfinv Inverse Error Function
makecartesian Converts to Complex Cartesian
makepolar Converts to Complex Polar
maxidx Index of Maximum Value
maxloc XY Location of Maximum Value
minidx Index of Minimum Value
minloc XY Location of Minimum Value
polyroot Polynomial Roots
round Round to Nearest Integer

Matrix Manipulation

^^ Matrix Power
/^ Matrix Right Divide
~^ Matrix Conjugate Transpose
chol Cholesky Factorization
cond Condition Number of a Matrix
eig Combined Eigenvalue and Eigenvector Computation
fliplr Reverses the Columns of a Matrix
flipud Reverses the Rows of a Matrix
kron Kronecker Tensor Product
norm Matrix Norm
null Orthogonal Basis for Null Space
orth Orthogonal Basis using SVD
pinv Pseudo-Inverse of a Matrix
rank Number of Independent Rows or Columns
repmat Repicates a Matrix Down and Across
trace Diagonal Sum of a Matrix
tril Lower Triangle of a Matrix
triu Upper Triangle of a Matrix

Machine Metrics

eps Minimum Positive Tolerance
inf Numeric Representation of Positive Infinity
realmax Largest Positive Number
realmin Smallest Positive Number


getplotstyle Retrieve Series Plotting Style
getplottype Retrieve Series Plotting Type
gotourl Starts Web Browser and Opens the Specified Page
onplot Execute Commands when Plotting
rtspin Real Time 3D Plot Spin
setcolheader Label a Table Column
text Arbitrary Text Annotation
unoverlay Remove an Overlay


barctr Center Bar Graph Bars on Values
bargap Specify Gaps between Bars on Values
barstyle Specify Bar Graph Reference Line
stepctr Center Steps Plot on Values

Series Generation

gimpulse Generate an Impulse with a Sample Rate
linspace Generate Linear Spaced Values
logspace Generate Log Spaced Values
magic Generates a Magic Square
meshgrid Generate XY Grid from Series

Series Manipulation

colextract Extract from Columns
colidx Returns the Indices for each Column
colprod Returns the Product of each Column
deletecol Deletes One or More Columns
deleterow Deletes One or More Rows
demean Removes Mean Value
idx Returns the Indices of a Series
idxtox Convert Indices to X Values
insert Insert Values into a Series
numel Returns the Total Number of Elements
replace Replace Values in a Series
remove Remove Values from a Series
sign Sign of a Series
vmax Maximum of One or More Arguments
vmin Minimum of One or More Arguments
xtoidx Convert X Values to Indices
xylookup Y Value Interpolation from Arbitrary X Values

Signal Processing

circonv Time Domain Circular Convolution
effbit Effective Bit Calculation
deconv Deconvolve two Series
fcirconv Frequency Domain Circular Convolution
fdeconv Deconvolve two Series using the FFT
fftp2 2D Polar FFT
ifftp2 2D Polar Inverse FFT
rescale Linearly Rescale Amplitude
zpfcoeff Design Digital Filter from S Domain


argv Specifies Variable Arguments in an SPL Routine
extern Global Variable Declaration
getargv Retrieves a Variable Argument
loop Optimized Simple Loop Processing


hist Fast Histogram
invprobn Inverse Normal Cumulative Distribution
pdfnorm Normal Probability Density Function


copydataset Copies a Dataset
copyseries Copies a Series
deletelabbook Deletes an Entire Labbook
exportworksheet Saves Worksheet to External DWK file
importworksheet Loads External DWK Worksheet file
openlabbook Open a Labbook
numvwins Number of Visible Windows
tic Start Internal Timer
toc Stop Internal Timer
which Returns Path to SPL or Filename

Other Changes

ANS Variable Result of the Last Scalar Expression
Command Form splload myfun is Equivalent to splload("myfun")
Clear Can Clear Windows, Variables and Functions
Ctrl-P Copies Worksheet Bitmap to Clipboard
Matrix Solve \^ Operator handles non-square matrices
Hex Display Use Tools-Options-Preferences-Window Menu
a[j,k] = { } Deletes elements, rows or columns