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"DADiSP inspired everyone and produced radical shifts in thinking."

- Felix Grant, Scientific Computing World
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DADiSP® 6.7 Top New Features

DADiSP 6.7 includes a number of exciting new features and enhancements. The majority of these changes and improvements are the direct result of customer requests and interaction.

64-bit Processing

Native 64-bit Computing

DADiSP 6.7 Win64 is a true 64-bit application. Full access to all system resources is natively supported to provide an immediate performance increase. On 64-bit systems with a large amount of on-board RAM, long series can be configured to remain resident in high speed memory, resulting in faster processing of big data.

For 32-bit systems, DADiSP 6.7 Win32 is Large Address Aware, providing access up to 4 GB of on-board RAM.

Optimized Code Execution

Contemporary algorithms, buffered based data management and the latest CPU instruction sets all combine to make DADiSP 6.7 a powerful numeric and data visualization platform for a wide range of scientific and engineering applications. DADiSP 6.7 performs 15% up to 240% faster than previous versions of DADiSP for many processing and plotting tasks.

Optimized Execution

Beyond core performance improvements, accelerated computations for FFT, matrix and vector operations are achieved with the updated 64-bit ProPac module based on the Math Kernel Library from Intel.

Comprehensive Windows Compatibility

DADiSP 6.7 Pro is fully compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Windows Server. The folder layout for the location of runtime files and objects conforms to the recommended practices for the host operating system resulting in improved performance and security.

Windows Compatibility

DADiSP Import

Streamlined Data Import

Simplified CSV, text and binary file importing eliminates manual coding gymnastics to easily obtain external information with a simple mouse click. Assign a common time base, plot multiple series in separate windows or in a single stripchart for quick visualization and analysis. Vendor specific data import modules provide intuitive interfaces to many common industry data file formats.

SPL Extensions

DADiSP 6.7 further extends SPL, DADiSP's Series Processing Language, to provide standard programming constructs. SPL's C/C++ syntax offers a familiar, clean and compact programming style allowing users to create custom functions, procedures and interfaces using well understood programming techniques and tools. A source-level, GUI based debugger SPL Debugger simplifies the development of custom SPL functions and routines. The debugger offers one-click source line stepping and variable examination, on-the-fly expression evaluation and variable assignments, function and line based breakpoints, call stack manipulation and color coded syntax highlighting of SPL source files.

Expanded Documentation

The DADiSP 6.7 Function Reference has been expanded and enhanced. Examples from the on-line help files can be cut and pasted directly into a DADiSP Worksheet for immediate evaluation. Mathematical background, reference information and algorithm details are provided for many functions and routines.

Improved Hardcopy

DADiSP 6.7 provides flexible title, footer and arbitrary text labels and legends with extended TeX based support for publication quality hardcopy. One-click plot properties such as color, font size, margin alignment, borders and text justification enable precise control over the desired output. Function Wizard

And 100+ New Functions and Improvements

DADiSP 6.7 includes 80+ new built-in and SPL routines and 20+ enhancements and improvements to existing functions spanning the areas of matrix and series manipulation, signal processing, math, color, series generation, curve fitting and statistics. DADiSP 6.7 now offers over 2000 analysis routines with an intuitive and familiar user interface to provide one of the most comprehensive and easy to use data analysis tools available today.

List of New DADiSP 6.7 Functions

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