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DADiSP / Dataq File 5.1

Dataq File Import/Export Module

A WDQ, WDC or WDH file is a 16 bit binary data file format created by Dataq data conversion hardware and software. Dataq files can contain one or more channels and include amplitude units and scaling parameters to convert raw A/D counts to engineering output data.

Dataq File Import Interface

Simple Import Interface

Importing a Dataq file is as simple as pressing a button and selecting the file. After a file is chosen, a summary of the contents is displayed. The data channels are transposed on the fly to take advantage of DADiSP's optimized column orientation.

Import Options

The channels can be loaded into separate Windows or combined into a single Window for display. Individual channel names are displayed and any combination can be selected for loading. The data can be converted to original engineering units or imported as raw A/D counts. The transfer buffer size can be specified for read optimization of large files.

Simple Export Interface

Multiple DADiSP series can be exported to a single WDQ file simply by selecting a file name and checking a list of Windows to save. Sample rate, engineering units and scaling information for each series are automatically saved.

Dataq File Export Interface

Export Options

Each DADiSP series can be autoscaled to make use of the maximum output resolution or a specific input A/D range can be specified to facilitate use with a specific A/D converter. The transfer buffer size can be specified for write optimization of large WDQ files.

WDQ/WDC/WDH File Format

A WDQ/WDC/WDH file contains 16 bit integer data with 14 bit precision. Sample rate, engineering units and double precision scaling parameters are also saved with the A/D count values. DADiSP/Dataq Dataq Acquisition Device File relies on Dataq's ActiveX control to isolate format details and eliminate file incompatibilities.


DADiSP/Dataq File requires DADiSP 6.7 B01 or higher. Contact us for information about updating your current version of DADiSP.

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