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Stand Alone Import Module

DADiMP is a small, fast running, stand alone executable program that automates and simplifies the task of data file import into a DADiSP Labbook and Dataset. DADiMP can import data files created by your own programs or by commercial database, spreadsheet and word-processing software. Because it is a self contained program, DADiMP can run separately and independently from DADiSP, allowing automated, unattended import jobs.

Data Importing Parameters

Data importing parameters can be specified at run-time, via the DADiMP command line, or through an ASCII Header. In addition, DADiMP can bypass foreign headers and other extraneous information embedded between channels.

Single and Multi-Channel Support

DADiMP can import files with a single channel of data. For example, import a Binary file of 100 points of 2-byte signed integer data sampled at 100 Hertz. DADiMP also understands two basic ways of organizing multiple channels: sequential and interlaced. In sequential files, the data from each channel is a contiguous block -- Channel 1 followed by Channel 2 followed by Channel 3, and so on -- while the channels in interlaced files are interwoven -- sample 1 of Channels 1, 2, and 3 followed by sample 2 of Channels 1, 2, and 3.

Multiple File/Data Types

DADiSP supports a variety of data types, including:

Data Type Description
ASCII ASCII data consisting of decimal numbers separated by a space, tab, carriage-return, comma or semicolon
BYTE unsigned one-byte integer
SBYTE signed one-byte integer
UINTEGER unsigned two-byte integer
SINTEGER signed two-byte integer
LONG signed four-byte integer
ULONG unsigned four-byte integer
FLOAT IEEE four-byte floating point
DOUBLE IEEE eight-byte double precision floating point

DADiMP can also handle data records with mixed Binary data types.

Selective Importing

All of the fields (channels) in a file can be imported or choose a subset by selecting the column number. Data can be read from the middle of the file or any location by specifying an offset. Using the OFFSET parameter, non-DADiSP header information can be preserved in the original file, but safely bypassed. Bytes or characters between channels can be skipped, eliminating bad or unwanted data.

Time Displacement and Data Scaling

The X_OFFSET, RATE, parameters allow specification of the time base of your data and the Y_OFFSET and SLOPE parameters support independent scaling of each data series. Because uniformally sampled data can be specified with just the X_OFFSET and RATE parameters, the entire time channel can be eliminated, resulting in faster, more robust importing and data processing. Non-uniformally sampled data can be displayed and processed as an XY series.


DADiMP requires DADiSP 6.0 B07 or higher. Contact us for information about updating your current version of DADiSP.

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