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"It's awesome! I no longer have to force $20,000 of data into a business spreadsheet."

- Carl Oliver, Raytheon Missle Systems

Corporate Background

Corporate Focus: Founded in 1984, DSP Development Corporation develops and markets data analysis, acquisition, and scientific visualization software for scientists and engineers in diverse technical fields, such as automation, data analysis, data acquisition, process control, digital signal processing, and test and measurement.

Mission Statement: Develop high performance and reliable data analysis and display software that allows technical professionals who are not programmers to easily perform complex computations and visualization of their data in a familiar spreadsheet environment.

DADiSP® The Ultimate Engineering Spreadsheet

DADiSP combines the power of sophisticated data analysis with the ease-of-use of a spreadsheet. DADiSP enables non-programming technical professionals to perform lightning-fast calculations and create dazzling graphics with "point-and-click" simplicity.

DADiSP has a built-in library of 2,000+ scientific and engineering functions that can be selected from its menu-driven, graphical user interface. An array of technical graphs, charts, and plots can also be chosen in a similar, intuitive fashion. DADiSP supports up to 100 analysis windows, enabling the user to analyze data from multiple points of view in a "worksheet" environment. Because DADiSP is designed like a spreadsheet, all data in a worksheet update automatically whenever changes are made.

Unlike traditional spreadsheets designed primarily for business applications, DADiSP accepts data files of unlimited size from virtually any source. DADiSP also eliminates the need for traditional programming to perform calculations and it provides interactive graphs for zooming, scrolling, extracting, expanding and compressing any data set.

For programmers, DADiSP's built-in Series Processing Language (SPL) supports user defined functions and custom interfaces using a familiar C/C++ syntax.

DADiSP is a registered trademark of DSP Development Corporation.