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"DADiSP inspired everyone and produced radical shifts in thinking."

- Felix Grant, Scientific Computing World
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Advanced DSP Functions

Although most users access DADiSP/AdvDSP through the dialog based interface, DADiSP/AdvDSP includes over 20 standalone functions. The following table is a summary of each function.

Classical PSD Estimation

apsd Correlation method of PSD estimation
fftpsd Standard FFT based PSD estimation
wpsd Welch method of periodogram averaging

Misc Classical PSD Functions

wpxx wpsd over entire FFT range
wpxy Cross power spectrum estimate
wtxy Transfer function estimate
wcoh Coherence function estimate
wpsdseg wpsd method with specified number of segments

AR Parametric PSD Estimation

lev Yule-Walker linear prediction using Levinson recursion
mem Burg (maximum entropy) method of PSD estimation
covar Covariance method of linear prediction
arpsd Compute PSD estimate based on AR coefficients
arpredict Linear prediction based on AR coefficients

MA Parametric PSD Estimation

ma Moving average method of PSD estimation
mapsd Compute PSD estimate based on MA coefficients

ARMA Parametric PSD Estimation

lsmyw Least Squares Modified Yule-Walker ARMA calculation
armapsd Compute PSD estimate based on ARMA coefficients

Advanced FFT Analysis

czt Chirp Z transform
nfft N point FFT calculation
zfft Zoom FFT

Digital Interpolation

interp Linear interpolation
spline Cubic spline interpolation
fsxinterp sin(x)/x bandlimited interpolation
fzinterp Zero insertion interpolation

Cepstrum Analysis

rceps Real cepstrum computation
cceps Complex cepstrum computation
ldunwrap Cepstrum phase unwrapping

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