"Within 10 minutes they could visualize their data."

- Product Manager, Adept Scientific
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Data Acquisition Application Brief

Mobile Radio Usage

The Solution

A new data analysis solution was literally down the road from the Agency. Long-standing DADiSP dealer Adept Scientific responded to a query from Mylan with an on-site demonstration. "I went down the street to their offices with my PC and DADiSP and pulled their data straight in," reports Adept's product manager. "Within 10 minutes they could visualize their data."

Channel Occupancy Graph

VHF Channel Occupancy "We were able to build up a profile of channel usage...for both base-transmit and mobile-transmit frequencies," says Mylan. "At the end of two weeks solid work, we were able to meet with representatives of the radiocommunications industry armed with detailed line graphs showing occupancy of a radio channel from 0000 Hours on Monday morning through to 2359 Hours on Sunday evening for any channel and any location...all this at the click of a mouse button."

Traffic Distribution Patterns

Within a year, the Agency published a comprehensive report for the radio industry, containing traffic distribution characteristics as well as best and worst case scenarios for all channels in the VHF PMR high band. After the success of the radio spectrum audit, Mylan's group purchased additional DADiSP licenses from Adept and use the software on a daily basis.

The Problem